Lab Introduction&gtSo far in this unit, you have learned many

Lab Introduction>So far in this unit, you have learned many of the different concepts related to the measurements and calculations performed in Chemistry.You have learned the importance of significant figures, precision, and accuracy. It is now time for you to see how these concepts are used in a laboratory setting. In the following lab, you will incorporate what you learned throughout this unit to investigate the densities of three types of metals using a precise method, and a method that isn’t as precise. You will also learn about some of the common tools used in the laboratory to make measurements.Lab ObjectivesAfter you have completed this laboratory, you will be able to:Convert measurements relevant to lab procedures and calculations.Become familiar with the relationship between volume and mass.List the chemical properties of substances.Determine the densities of items using the density formula.Lab InstructionsTime Requirements: approximately one hourProcedures:This lab is conducted in a virtual laboratory. Be sure to read through all of the instructions in both the virtual lab itself and look over the lab report form.Follow the lab instructions within the virtual lab to perform the laboratory investigations. Record your data (Pre-Lab Questions, Procedures, and Post Lab Questions) in your lab notebook. Before you turn in your lab, you will need to transfer all your documentation to your lab report form. Make sure to complete the purpose and hypothesis section before completing the lab.Click on the tabs below to begin your lab and to verify you have completed all parts of the lab.Completion Checklist:Read through the lab introduction.Read through the lab instructions within the virtual lab completely before setting up the materials for your experiment.Conduct the experiments–Experiment 1 and Experiment 2 and record your data.Complete the analysis, conclusions, and answer the Post-lab Questions.Purpose and HypothesisRead through the lab instructions (in the virtual lab) and the lab report form. After reading through the lab instructions fill in the purpose and hypothesis section of the lab report form before proceeding with the lab.Chemistry MathIn chemistry, we often have to perform calculations using formulas. In this lab, you will be using the formula for density.View the following presentation for information on solving formulas in chemistry and practice this essential skill.