Java software solutions.pdf&nbsp9.8Design and implement an appl

Java software solutions.pdf 9.8Design and implement an application that displays an animation of a horizontal line segment moving across the screen, eventually passing across a vertical line. As the vertical line is passed, the horizontal line should change color. The change of color should occur while the horizontal line crosses the vertical one; therefore, while crossing, the horizontal line will be two different colors.  9.10Design and implement an application that works as a stopwatch. Include a display that shows the time (in seconds) as it increments. Include buttons that allow the user to start and stop the time, and reset the display to zero. Arrange the components to present a nice interface. Hint: use the Timer class to control the timing of the stopwatch. 10.3Implement the Speaker interface described in Section 10.3, and create three classes that implement Speaker in various ways. Create a driver class whose main method instantiates some of these objects and tests their abilities. 10.5Modify the Movies program from Chapter 8 so that it keeps the DVDs sorted by title.11.4Modify the solution to PP 11.3 such that it catches and handles the exception if it is thrown. Handle the exception by printing an appropriate message, and then continue processing.8.19Modify the RubberLines program from this chapter so that it shows all of the lines drawn. Show only the final lines (from initial mouse press to mouse release), not the intermediate lines drawn to show the rubberbanding effect. Hint: Keep track of a list of objects that represent the lines similar to how the Dots program kept track of multiple dots.