IT Ethics and Responsible Conduct’Read the article, ‘Lifting

IT Ethics and Responsible Conduct’Read the article, ‘Lifting the Veil Off Shadow IT.’ Please respond to the following in not more than 250 words:Take a position favoring or opposing shadow IT.If you are in favor, give one reason that shadow IT should be permitted, and one way users can mitigate its risks.If you are opposed, propose one way that the IT department can more fully meet the users’ needs without additional cost to the organization.Do not repeat suggestions from the article or that have been posted by another student.Then, in separate posts, follow up to one or more of your fellow students in substantive posts of up to 200 words that further the discussion. For example, you may support or politely challenge a post with your own insights or experience, make a suggestion, or ask probing follow-up questions.Support your positions with explanations and/or sources, as appropriate.