IT 500 Help With Network Diagram Assignment The following st

IT 500 Help With Network Diagram Assignment The following structure will help with the network diagram assignment. Page 1 Network Diagram – easiest to do in Visio, but not required. This example does not show all items needed in the assignment; it is just for visual reference. Note – if you are using Visio 2013, you must save the file as either a PDF or a Visio 2003–2010 document (File, Save As). Page 2 You can write the definitions on the diagram on page 1, but most students find this very difficult to fit and prefer to do this on a separate page or in a separate Word document. You can turn in a Visio/PDF for the diagram and a Word document for the definitions part, and/or you can combine into one. On page 2/definitions document (will not have heading of Page 2), each “thing” from the diagram is discussed. A definition should be given. Unless you are an IT specialist (and can list that experience within the document), the definition should be cited. Please offer more than just a definition. Simply stating “ I found this sentence on the internet that discusses ‘thing-1’” does not show comprehension of what “thing-1” is, how it is used, why it is in the place you put it within the diagram, or why it is used. Go on to talk about what it is, why it is where it is in the diagram, and so on. Two or three sentences should be plenty; your instructor will be looking to make sure you have a high-level understanding of what each “thing” is. Do not forget the references section. Please do not offer your company’s network diagram. Copies of your company diagram will not be accepted for credit. Likely you did not create it for your company (or perhaps you are the exception as a network engineer), so presenting a finished diagram does not show your work in creating one. In many cases, sharing your company’s network diagram violates policy or best security practices of not sharing company confidential information. Remember, you are posting a map to the internet of what criminals need to know to break in. Further, it does not show that you understand where to place things, as everything is already placed for you (i.e., you did not do the work; you are just presenting something you found—cited or not). Structure/Definition/Explanation of the Individual Items (Sample Format): Internet: An explanation of this item is optional, as the focus of the diagram is to list the items of a network diagram that you as the network architect, consultant, or IT “guru” are proposing to the company. You do want to at least have it shown on the diagram. Thing 1: Here you will discuss Thing 1 from your diagram, offer a cited definition, explain reasoning behind its positioning in the diagram, discuss how/why it is used (Credible Source, 2014). A target minimum of sentences would be three. Thing 2: Continue the exercise for Thing 2. Thing 3: Continue the exercise for Thing 3. Do not forget references (if in Word, these would be on a separate page). Page 3/next page References References go here in APA style.