Issue, dilemma or a problem that the agency is facing and co

Issue, dilemma or a problem that the agency is facing and courses of action to be taken.They are brief in nature, 5 pagesUsed to make short term decisions and to guide long term actions. Potential Topics: *One American News StationBody:  I. State problem or concern (underlined)  On (this date) analysts was given the tasked to generate a staff study on…  To the best of my knowledge all information contained in this document is accurate and true.   II. Non-frilly statement of the problem.   III. History of the problem  IV. Theoretical Model  Visual representation of your hypothesis.  Description of the model below.   V. Conceptual Definitions (move to the front)  VI. Cause/Sources of the Problem  Explain in Detail  VII. Relevant Stakeholder  Anyone who has vested interest or is impacted  Who are they? What their stake is?  VIII. Recommended Courses of Action (3-5)  IX. Potential Barriers  NOT a barrier – money  X.  Suggested course of action, and brief support  Two can be recommended together if there are 5 courses of action.  Only one of there are only 3 courses of action.  XI. Ghantt Chart or Timeline  XII. References  XIII. NotesNO QUOTE OVER $30 WILL BE CONSIDERED.