INTRUCTIONS:1. Choose one of the five prompts below.2. Answe

INTRUCTIONS:1. Choose one of the five prompts below.2. Answer the prompt in a paper that is 6-7 pages in length.3. Make sure you identify which prompt you are answering.4. Papers must be double spaced and have 1 inch margins and 12 point font Times NewRoman5. If you use lecture notes in your work, make sure you cite it.6. Papers must include a Works Cited page.7. Papers that include plagiarized text or the insertion of (block/long) quotes without asummation or concrete theoretical point will not be tolerated.8. Submit ONLY an electronic copy to on TED by 1pst PST at the latest on March 24th.Late submissions on TED will not be possible/accepted.9. The paper is worth 60% of your total course gradeChoose only one of the following:I. Explain the sacred-mundane division of labor and illustrate it with one world religion.a. (Sources: lectures, Esposito, Oxtoby and Siegel.)II. Explain the concept of a regulatory claim and religious politics.a. (Source: lectures, Esposito, Putnam and Campbell.)III. Explain the logic of sharia.a. (Sources: lectures, Esposito).IV. Explain the possible effects of religious beliefs on economic behavior.a. (Sources: lectures, Esposito, Oxtoby and Siegel.)V. Explain the effects of faith on world peace.a. (Sources: lectures, Esposito). The book is Esposito “The Future of Islam”: entire book)