InstructionsA scenario will be given and the essay answer w

Instructions:A scenario will be given and the essay answer will need toexplain 1)  WhichGreene law  concept can be applied for the scenario, the answer willneed to explain both which law or concept applies to the scenario and why it applies 2)  Givea story example (with explanation) from the readings that is similar to what Greene writes about in the text.  4)  Useonly the readings based upon the Greene laws chapters from weeks 1& 2. ( I will post readings)4)   Choose only one Greene law  per answer!ANSWER QUESTIONS BELOW BASED OF GREENE LAW CHAPTERS 1 and 21.  Joe is at theannual Christmas party for his company. He is a mid-level manager and has been with the company for sixmonths.  His boss is very ego-driven andis very demanding.  Joe has always beenconsidered the “life” of any party he attends and always gathers a crowd aroundhim at such events.  As Joe walks in, hisboss just told a joke and everyone laughed. Joe says, “I have a better joke…” and proceeds to tell it of whichEVERYONE laughs twice as hard than the previous joke by his boss.  Joe is violating what Greene law and why?2. Steve Jobs was a brilliant showman.  Once or twice a year he would hold a pressconference and announce a new product that would take the world by storm.  At almost every event he would say this line:“I have some wonderful products to show to you.”  What Greene law did Steve use in thesepresentations to show the world how great HE was?  3. Frank’s list of things to do is getting VERY long.  He feels exhausted and overwhelmed by thethings he has to do and cannot see the end of the list because there are simplynot enough hours in the day to do everything. It is so bad that his boss is frustrated because he is very inefficientand is contemplating firing Frank.  WhatMaxwell chapter should Frank read and within that chapter what concept shouldhe embrace and why?4. Jeff has developed a new electric engine design that hasthe potential to be revolutionary. However, in order to save time, he does not build a prototype.  He meets with potential investors in order tostart to build his engine and company. However, the investors are not impressed with his design because theyhave nothing to touch, hear, or demonstrate because everything is on paper.  No one gives him money.  What Greene law should Jeff use to get peopleto invest in his engine and company?