infographic assignment

I need an infographic assignment, due 7-27-2019 @ 11pm. this is the information on it.

Community Health Issues REQUIRED TEXTBOOK

McKenzie, JF, et al (2015) An Introduction to Community Health.  Jones and Bartlett Publishers.  ISBN # 978-1-284-03659-6


Create an Infographic that shows your knowledge of injuries and accidents in the healthcare workplace.

You can create your Infographic with (as long as it can export in a readable file that you can send), MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, or MS PPT.

Content should include:

1.         Statistics, data that describe state of affairs of injuries and / or accidents.

            State of affairs means rate or number of incidents or injuries or both in a healthcare

            location type (e .g. nursing home, hospital) and /or profession type (e.g. nurse, R.T.).  Be 

            creative.  You could list the top worst or safe places or professions, for example, instead

            of focusing just on one.

2.         Reflect on what you find and include a brief summary or abstract to help the reader

            understand what you are presenting and what you think of it.  This is part of the infographic.

Presentation should include:

1.         Pleasant to the eye

2.         Easy to read

3.         No extraneous information; stay focused on the task at hand

4.         Reference(s) at bottom of page