Individuals are required to prepare a case study on a FOREIG

Individuals are required to prepare a case study on a FOREIGN firm that invested in a geographic division or state which was the focus of your group project (weight 20% of the grade) You should pick the company form one of these cites (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington) and follow these instructor : Section 1 (about 2 pages) 5 points: (i). Abstract/summary of the case study (opening paragraph (ii)Company background, its foreign operations, product/service focus, and mode of entry into the US market; is it a publicly listed or private operation? (iii). Its strategic intent to engage in the US Section 2 (about 3 pages) 10 points (i).Discuss business strategies of the firm in the US; choice of choice of US location(s), level of investment, nature of business operations in the USA; (ii). Briefly discuss management methods and strategies of its operations in the USA; employment generated in the US; product/service exporting from the US; any linkages with US institutions for R&D, etc., (iii). Strength & weaknesses of the firm in the USA; its brand image, competitiveness and challenges in doing business in the US? Section 3 (about 1 page) Profile of the firm, 5 points (provide only the following, without any write up) (i).Provide company contact information, location of its headquarters (ii). Company website id (iii). Top management personnel (iv). List bibliography used in preparing the case study