Individually prepare a short (less than 5 minutes) presentat

Individually prepare a short (less than 5 minutes) presentation to stakeholders for a new healthcare IT system in which you describe your vision for the system, your rationale for its deployment, and why it will be valuable. You can use either a real-existing HIT system or an imagined one. Describe the functions your system will have briefly as a part of your vision.What we are expecting from this assignmentDesign a presentation for specific stakeholders in mind.Demonstrate a good understanding of system selection and implementation.Get comfortable with new IT tools for project collaboration.prepare the slides and/or images for your presentation. Save your slides to .pdf format, if possible (one slide per page – this is usually the default setting when saving to pdf)Presentation Guidelines:You should prepare 4-5 slides (DO NOT GO OVER 5 SLIDES)Your presentation should be 3-5 minutes in length (DO NOT GO OVER 5 MINUTES)We suggest having one slide at the end of the presentation (which does not count as part of the 5) for your faculty and classmates to leave questions and/or comments about the presentation. This will provide a place for the class discussion. I need you you do the 5 slides with note speaker based on the information that given above . Please include all the information in the note speaker.