Assignment: Final PaperReviewÿthe information on the international company you selected during Week Five. The final paper will present an issue that a manager of your chosen company may face. You can select from the following list of issues or create your own scenario, approved by the instructor:You discover that one of your management team has been accused of embezzling money from the company.An investigative reporter has uncovered a potential child labor issue in one of your overseas production facilities.There is political unrest in one of the countries in which you do business.One of your products has been recalled due to safety or health concerns.Sales of one specific product are down in one country. You suspect there may be a cultural issue affecting local sales.There has been a natural disaster in one of the countries in which you do business.There has been a 20% devaluation of the currency in one of the countries where you sell your products.There has been a 20% devaluation of the currency in one of the countries from which you purchase materials.The government in one of the countries in which you operate is insisting that you conduct some research and development work in that country for future products, and you are concerned about the security of your company?s intellectual property.ÿÿWriteÿa paper of approximately 1,200 words that analyzes the company, focusing on the following points:Begin with the company profile you created in Week Five.Describe the company?s business model.Describe its organizational structure.Discuss its international business pattern.As part of your paper,ÿanalyzeÿthe issue you chose using this company as a context and address the following elements:Describe the issue as it relates to that company. Use specifics to provide the issue with a context.Discuss the factors involved when addressing the issue.Present a plan to address the issue.Formatÿyour paper using the guidelines in theÿWest Writing Style Handbook.Includeÿa minimum of three sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections.