In Week Five, you will submit a Final Paper. This week, you

In Week Five, you will submit a Final Paper. This week, you will develop an annotated bibliography as a step toward completing the Final Paper. First, review the assignment instructions for the Final Paper that are found in Week Five of your online course or in the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of the Course Guide. Then, use the databases from the to locate the five sources that you will need for the paper on the short story you choose to analyze. You may use secondary sources that you have already located when completing previous assignments for this course. Be sure, however, that those sources are still relevant to your paper topic and thesis. (Often the paper topic and thesis evolve over the course of researching, so the topic or thesis with which you began may differ from that which you are now developing.) Topic: Write a comparative analysis of a pair of poems from the text book which have a similar theme and were written from the late 19th century on. Compare and contrast such aspects as (a) situation and point of view, (b) figurative language, (c) tone, (d) diction, (e) versification, and (f) rhyme scheme or stanza form. You do not need use these specific elements but rather focus on those elements that lend themselves to a significant comparison. In conclusion, in what respects does each poem exhibit the individual style of its author and in what respects does it belong to a “school” (Modernism, Postmodernism, Harlem Renaissance, etc)? Using the following: Women writers in the early 1900s used innovative means of expressing their particular plight in a society still arguing for, among other things, the right for women to vote.Gertrude Stein and Susan Glaspell touch on the plight of women in a society dominated by men. At the same time, Modernism as a movement gained popularity in a society in which the inner truths veiled behind social structures were coming into question.Compare and contrast each work. How do the works relate to Modernism? What truths about society are conveyed in these texts? How might the themes explored in the works have had a significant impact on the ideas of the time? In your opinion, would these works be considered triumphs of progress for women or not? Support your thoughts and ideas with appropriate resources.The Harlem Renaissance occurred during roughly the same time period (1900-1940). This artistic eruption depicted African American experiences and celebrated their unique cultural heritage through visual, literary, and musical arts, including Jazz. The primary socioeconomic factor in the development of the Harlem Renaissance was the “Great Migration.” Within the scope of this relocation, millions of African Americans moved northward, fleeing the enforcement of post-Reconstruction segregation in southern states through the terrorism of lynching and pervasive, debilitating effects of systematic exclusion from economic opportunity and social equality (McMichael & Leonard, 2011, p. 1563). Thus, the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar and Langston Hughes arose during a period of social and political revolution in America. How do each of these poets use the literary conventions of rhythm, alliteration, assonance, and/or imagery to convey the unique experience of African Americans in the turmoil of the time period? For each secondary source, first cite the source in correct APA format. Then include a two-paragraph annotation. At a minimum, each paragraph should be four to five sentences in length and, in all, with each annotation you should: Develop a first paragraph that clearly summarizes the source and explains its relevance to the selected literary text.Develop a second paragraph that clearly summarizes the secondary source’s content as it relates to your Final Paper’s main idea and critical approach. In this paragraph, also clearly explain how at least one specific direct quote or paraphrased point in each secondary source supports your thesis statement.These sources must be organized in alphabetical order by author as required in an APA Reference page. The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to assist you in the developing of research analysis skills, including critical thinking, writing, and literature research skills. Provide the following information for each selected resource: Name of the article including the complete bibliographic citation using APA format Summary/abstract of the article (annotation) Sometimes it is helpful to ask yourself the following questions in synthesizing the information:–Who? (i.e., author) –What was done? (e.g., an experimental study investigating the interaction of short-term memory and attention) –How was it done? –What were the findings? (i.e., identify the major ones) –What were the contributions? (i.e., identify findings/new learning that has expanded your knowledge of the topic) I have included a template and resources of information I have gathered and could use some help please!