In this module we will focus on Cultural Identity. The three

In this module we will focus on Cultural Identity. The three factors in this dimension are: P – Person. Health education should be committed to improving the health of everyone. Therefore, individuals should be empowered to make informed decisions which are appropriate to their roles in their families and communities. As program planners, we have to decide whether we will be most effective providing programs geared to the individuals, the extended family, or the community. E – Extended Family. Health education should be targeted to not only the immediate family but also to the extended family or kinships. When the program is designed to target a particular member of the family, the individual should become the focus within the context of that person’s environment. N – Neighborhood. Health education should be committed to promoting health and preventing disease in neighborhoods and communities. Involvement of community members and their leaders is critical to providing culturally appropriate health programs. read the following article, which is attached Purcell, N., & Cutchen, L. (2013). Diabetes self-management education for African Americans: Using the PEN-3 model to assess needs. American Journal of Health Education, 44(4), 203-212 Write a two-page paper that includes the following: Provide a brief overview of the health issue among your selected group, statistics about the scope of the problem, and its implications for health.Describe the Cultural Identity of the group you chose. Specifically address how each of the PEN-3 model’s three factors within Cultural Identity applies to your group and provide examples. Use subheadings to clearly show that you have addressed each of the three factors. Support your discussion with references from scholarly and professional references (not just your opinion). NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE READ EVERYTHING ABOVE AND THE ARTICLE ATTACHED. ANY WORK CITED MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE REFERENCE PAGE WITH A LINK WITHOUT THE LINK THE PAPER IS WRONG.