In this chapter, you will learn how to recognize the differe

In this chapter, you will learn how to recognize the difference between correlation and causation and how to distinguish between correct and inappropriate claims based on research design. In Investigation: Correlation Is Not Causation, you will have an opportunity to show your understanding of the concepts and apply them to claims presented in an article. This chapter provides you with some low-stakes opportunities to practice course concepts and earn points for the Soomo Chapter Activities. Types of questions include multiple-choice questions, poll questions, and open-ended questions (short answer and response board). It is recommended to complete the Soomo Chapter Activities first in this module, complete your initial discussion board post, work on your Soomo Action Plan Activities, and submit your discussion board responses. This activity is automatically graded, and points are delivered to the Grade Center as you answer questions in the webtext. You can expect the points you have earned to be delivered to the Grade Center about 10 minutes after you complete your webtext session.