In the United States, constitutional law not only protects t

In the United States, constitutional law not only protects the rights of the public; it also establishes both the rights and limits of the federal government. Recently, however, the power and involvement of the government in public health has come under heated debate. Much of this has to do with the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), a mandate that requires all individuals to obtain health insurance by the end of 2014. The intent of this measure was to reduce health care costs by making health care more accessible for all, but did the government overstep its limits? Why or why not? How might this and other public health policies impact both the communal health and individual rights of the public?As you are now most likely aware, public health and governmental law are inextricably woven together. However, at what point (if any) does governmental involvement in public health policy become invasive or wrong?In this Discussion, you further consider the role of government in public health and justify whether or not the government has the right to mandate public health policies.To prepare for this Discussion, review Chapter 1 of your course text and explore the website (located in this week’s Learning Resources), which provides an overview of the legislative process. Then, review the Learning Resources and consider the role government should have in policy creation. By Day 4, post your stance on governmental involvement in public health policy. Explain whether the government should mandate public health policies and why. Justify your post with at least one past or current public health issue.