In the first two units, you have identified aspects of effec

In the first two units, you have identified aspects of effective communication and contemplated strategies for solving a problem in your community or workplace. Consider the following situations:A casual conversation with a friend about the need for sidewalks in your neighborhood so kids can get to school safelyAn email to your boss proposing a new safety procedureAn academic persuasive essay about your community’s need for a free spay/neuter programIn all of these situations, you need to choose the most effective tone, voice, and style for your situation and audience in order to persuade others to agree with you.In this unit’s Assignment, you will be creating a plan for success to improve your writing in personal, professional, and academic situations like those described above and proposing a topic that you can write about for the rest of the term.The first paragraph should identify at least three aspects of your writing you wish to improve and answer the following questions: How have these issues, whether related to grammar, style, tone, or process, affected your ability to communicate effectively in the past? How do you plan to work on these issues?In the second paragraph, describe a problem in your community or workplace that you would like to explore and solve in the upcoming units. What challenges might you face in solving this problem and writing a persuasive essay about it? 1. (Improving Communication Barriers in the Medical settings for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people which I am working on getting BS in Health Care AdminstrationNoted below are the specific requirements for your Unit 2 Assignment:Title page in APA manuscript formatAPA manuscript format throughout (e.g., 12-point font, double spacing, and 1-inch margins)At least two unified and well-developed paragraphs addressing the Assignment promptIf any references are made to sources, they are cited in APA 6th edition style both in-text and on a separate references page