In the broadest sense, a digital crime is any illegal activi

In the broadest sense, a digital crime is any illegal activity that uses a computer during its commission. Computer crime encompasses a wide range of activities from fraud and financial crimes, cyber terrorism, cyber extortion, to even cyber warfare. Conduct research on 5 different types of digital crime and real-world examples of each. For each real-world example:Describe the crime that was committed.How was a computer used in the crime?Who were the victim(s) of the crime?What was the effect or outcome of the criminal act (on the system/victim)?How could the crime have been prevented?Were the perpetrators identified or caught? Was any action taken against the perpetrators, and if so, what?Portfolio Milestones:You will complete and receive points for two Portfolio Milestones that will help you complete your project. This work will inform your final project, but you will not re-submit this work with your final project.Module 2: Provide an outline of the 5 types of cyber crime you will research. (25 Points)Module 6: Provide the 5 real-world cases you will analyze for the portfolio project. (25 points)Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:Paper length: 8-10 pages not including the required cover and reference pages.Include at least five references in addition to the course textbook. Use APA style formatting and no Plagiarism.