In class: Watch ‘The Secret’Assignment: Answer questions:1.

In class: Watch ‘The Secret’Assignment: Answer questions:1. What is the main claim of the film?2. Choose 2 examples of supporting evidence that the directors use in their film and evaluate their effectiveness. (For example, you can choose one of the anecdotes presented in the film, a fact, an expert opinion, etc.)3. How does the film define ‘success’ and ‘failure’? Cite examples from the film to support your answer.4. According to the filmmakers, who is responsible for ‘success’ and ‘failure’? Evaluate the persuasiveness of this claim.5. How do the filmmaker’s use quotes from famous individuals to support their argument? 6. How does the film tie into the arguments made by writers such as Ehrenreich and Hedges? 7. Evaluate the overall persuasiveness of the film’s argument. Explain why you found it persuasive or unconvincing and how the evidence that they presented led to your analysis.Each answer should be approximately one paragraph Please answering these questions after watching this movie.