in at least 200 words answer the following

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Early Childhood Care Professionals must be able to recognize abuse and respond appropriately; there are specific laws about what constitutes child abuse and neglect.


Members of a local Vietnamese community were irate following the arrest of a boy’s 23-year-old parents for child abuse. Teachers had noted purple “bruises” on the little boy’s back and chest when he arrived at school one day. The couple denied any wrongdoing, insisting they were merely performing “cao gio,” a traditional Vietnamese practice used to cure fever. Following the application of medicated oil to the skin, a warm coin or spoon is scraped along the spine and chest until reddened patches appear. The boy’s parents believed this would eliminate “bad winds” that had caused his fever.


Is this cultural practice considered abuse? How do cultural differences affect parental practices and values?

Should parents be expected to give up traditional cultural practices related to healing and medicine when they immigrate to this country? Why is it important for teachers to acquire an understanding of cultural differences?

What are characteristics of children who have been victims of abuse? What should be done to report thoughts or signs of abuse?