In 200 words What impact did the evolving frontier and its e

In 200 words What impact did the evolving frontier and its eventual closing have on the culture of Texas? What role did Texas play in the Agrarian Revolt? What about the state allowed it to take a leadership role? How did the frontier and rural areas influence the culture of Texas at the turn of the century? Then in another 200 words What was the economic impacts of such events as the 1900 Galveston Hurricane and the development of the oil industry in Texas? Explain fully.Pick a significant historical event and describe the effect upon the Texas economy in the 20th century.Summarize the event and contrast what the ‘before and after’ effects to the Texas economy were.Be specific in your details. Give examples.In 200 words Consider the historic events (WWII, and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s) described in these chapters. Chances are that someone in your family and community had direct experiences in one of these historic events.Compare and contrast what occurred in Texas (according to the book or other reliable source) during your chosen period with what may have been experienced by your family member or someone in your community.If you do not wish to share your family history, then pick a community or culture not in Texas to compare with what occurred in Texas.If you know of anyone who lived in Texas during that period, feel free to relate their experiences.