Identify the strengths of their learning centers and/or exte

Identify the strengths of their learning centers and/or extend their idea by suggesting ideas, materials, and assessments that could add to their learning center.Learning Center Name: The Pioneer PoetsLearning Center Objective: Listen to a story then state what the story was about.Kid friendly: I will dress up and pretend I’m (the main character) in the story, drawing the pictures and making my own copy of the book.Areas of Language Targeted: Listening, Speaking, Repeating (memory)Center Materials: Dr. Suess Books, costumes, paint, card board, smocks, paper, crayonsStep-by-step Instructions for Introducing Center to Students- For this assignment, I will begin the week by reading to the class the Dr. Suess book Green Eggs and Ham. The following day (Tuesday), I will allow the children to create their book covers by coloring pictures on pieces of paper and attaching them to the card board. On Wednesday, I will then have the students write out what they remembered from the Green Eggs and Ham book and insert the pages into their book cover. On Thursday, each student will get up one by one (dressed up like Dr. Suess) to read their story aloud to the class. On Friday, I will bring in some eggs, blue food coloring, ham and a hot plate (after getting permission from all the parents and school). We will then make the green eggs and ham we read about and created in our own story. Kid Friendly Instructions: Listen to a story Create my version of the story Read the story to the class Make green eggs and HamAssessment: I will observe how attentive each child is and note how well they are able to recreate the story, read aloud their story, and observe other peers. I will also pay close attention to how well they follow directions, making sure they are meeting the objectives.