I would like to apply for the position you advertised in tod

I would like to apply for the position you advertised in today’s paper. I graduated form high school and am currently attending college. I have taken several courses that have prepared me for the duties the position requires. I also have several personal qualities that I think you would find useful in a person holding the position. In addition, I have had certain experiences that qualify me for such a job. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs an an employer. Thank you.’2)Rewrite the following paragraph, changing them to avoid unnecessary repetition, and to delete wordiness. In order to meet the needs of international children all over the world, Sesame Workshop helps produce versions of its popular show Sesame Street in other countries outside the United States. Due to the fact that each country has different issues and concerns, the content of these shows varies. In most cases, the producers focus on and concentrate on the cultural diversity of their country. In order to develop the most appropriate material for their countries, producers also consult with and talk to local educators and child development experts, people who are experts in the field. At the present time, versions of Sesame Street exist in a wide variety of places and countries. They include Mexico, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Egypt.