I was planning on comparing/contrasting the Hetshapsut statu

I was planning on comparing/contrasting the Hetshapsut statue to the Kouros statueTerm Paper- Art in Western Civilization: Ancient to MedievalMontclair State University Spring 20151500 word paper (not including bibliography and footnotes)Compare and Contrast 2 works of artThe student will pick 2 works of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art galleries/collection. Students must keep their choices within the time frame that we are studying for this course, Ancient to Medieval.  Based on personal observation of these 2 objects combined with some research about the chosen works the approximately 6 page double spaced paper must meet the following criteria:RequirementsMust have a minimum of 3-4 references, including one reference from JstorMust use scholarly style footnotes and include bibliography (to be discussed in class)Minimum 5 pages*Bibliography does not count as a “page” within the paper.Students are encouraged to include an illustration of one of the imagesImportant Criteria:Identity: Who is the artist or is the artist unknown? What period or style is it?What is the name of the artwork? To what culture does it belong? Of what material/medium is it made? What is its subject matter?Style: How big is it? Does its medium affect the quality? What are its formal elements (line, color, composition, etc.?) http://ancient-greece.org/art/kouros.html http://www.history.com/topics/ancient-history/hatshepsuthttp://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/544450?=&imgno=2&tabname=labelhttp://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/253370?=&imgno=0&tabname=online-resourceshttp://academic.reed.edu/humanities/110Tech/kouroi2.html#beyond