I want to know if this equation I set&nbspup is right. Im maki

I want to know if this equation I set up is right. I’m making my own statistical study on coffee, since I work in a coffee shop on the weekends. My claim is that more people buy coffee on Sunday than Saturday, so the claim is the alternative hypothesis ( M1>M2) M1=Sunday M2=Saturday. it’s a 1-tailed test, N=4 (<–sample size, since i’m using the number of Saturdays and sundays in april, which is 4, right?) alpha=.05 (I made the alpha up) I’m doing a T-test for comparison of 2 means. Critical value=2.353, degrees of freedom=3 the number of regulars on Saturdays on weekend 1 (sat.)=12, wknd 2 (sat)=18, wknd 3 (sat)=10, and wknd 4 (sat)=14, the mean for Saturdays (M1)= 2.22 now for the number of regulars on Sundays on weekend 1 (sun)=16, wknd 2(sun)=12, wknd 3(sun)=14, wknd 4(sun)=10 the mean for Sundays (M2)=13 using my calculator, I plugged the numbers into the tables and got the standard deviation for Saturday= about 2.22 (S1) and Sunday= about 2.58 (S2) now, I used those numbers to plug into the t-test formula and I got -1.322 as the answer. I know this is a lot of information, but It’s hard to find a tutor site willing to help me. If you can, can you let me know if my numbers are correct, if i’m using the correct test, and overall, am I doing everything correctly? I made this study myself, and I need as much help I can get. thank you.