I need an outline of how my essay is going to flow. Does not

I need an outline of how my essay is going to flow. Does not have to be long. The topic is RELATIONSHIPBETWEEN SCHIZOPHRENIA AND VIOLENT CRIME. MY ESSAY NEEDS TO BE 1200WORDS!! I NEED AN OUTLINE AND ESSAY WRITTEN! DO NOT PLAGARIZE!Asyou know, an outline is the schematic plan for a project that lists inhierarchical form its component parts. For this outline, you shouldbegin with your thesis about the scholarly conversation: Although mostscholars agree that people with cancer often suffer from depression,they disagree about the best treatment methods, the role ,of caregivers,the importance of religious faith, and the relationship of depressionseverity to cancer prognosis.Each Roman numeral will representone of the issues included in the thesis. You will then list each sourcethat treats that issue and a brief indication of he position taken bythe source. Remember that each paragraph should refer to at least 2-3sources (and perhaps all of them!).This outline should take sometime and effort to produce; it will provide the plan for your entireproject and should include enough details so that I can evaluate yourplan before you start writing. Note: If you find that each paragraph isbased on only one source, you have not properly identified the issues. Thepurpose of a literature review is not to write about your topic, butabout the sources and the areas where they agree and disagree.You must include at least five sources, which are listed on a references page at the end of the document;You must discuss at least four distinct issues as they are presented in your sources; each section should include references to most of your sources.The text of the paper (not including abstract or references) must be a minimum of 1,200 words and a maximum of 1,500 words;The paper should be presented in APA format as illustrated in BCH pp. 263-272. Remember to use headings for each separate section of the literature review.