I need an essay of 6 pages and I want you to imagine a asian

I need an essay of 6 pages and I want you to imagine a asian American women and interview her by yourself. did not follow insertion and take more time than it suppose to take. I asked for a women that not fumes and the women in the essay was fumes. Step One: Identify your intervieweeSelect an interviewee (family member, friend, co-worker, etc.) who will be the subject ofyour Oral History Project. This person MUST BE at least 40 years old or older and awoman of Asian descent. It is a good idea to pick someone who will be open and willingto share information about her/his past.Step Two: Personal Oral HistoryInterview your interviewee about three significant events in their life. Ask him/her ifshe/he would be willing to participate in your project. Ask her/him questions youformulated on the “Interview Question Sheet” and any additional questions you feelwould be good to ask.Step Three: Oral History Paper (DUE MARCH 13, 2017)After your have interviewed your interviewee, you must write a paper in the form of astory that gives your readers insight into that person’s life. The three significant eventsshould be contextualized in the topics discussed in class (use the notes you have taken inclass and from readings/articles).Although you are writing a story, your paper should still be structured in an organizedfashion.Paper format:6-8 pages; typed; double-spaced; 12pt font; 1 inch margins.No extra spaces between paragraphs.Proofread paper for typos, grammatical errors, and spelling errors. (Neatnessand grammar WILL count).*For help with writing papers, utilize the Writing Center on campus(http://english.fullerton.edu/writing_center/)Step Four: Visual PresentationYour visual presentation (poster, video, Keynote/PowerPoint) should include picturesrelevant to your interviewee’s history. You can also include text, words, images ordrawings that relate to their three significant events that make up their personal oralhistory. Remember to take great care with her/his pictures, as they may be old and havegreat sentimental value. If she/he will not allow them to be glued to your poster, it is agood idea to make color copies and use these instead. If you’ll be using multimedia(video, audio, Keynote/PowerPoint), please save it on a USB stick for a more timeefficient presentation. Do not rely on saving it on the internet.Step Five: Present your oral historyYou will be given 5-7 minutes to present your story and poster to the class. Yourclassmates will be given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of your presentation.