I need a feature story and powerpoint

Requirements: 1500 wordsTimes New Roman 12ptMLA FormatYou will choose a topic that is interesting to you and begin gathering research on that topic. You must use all three types of research ? Observation, Interview, and Library Database ResearchAt least one interview is needed, five sources from the library?s database or a credible source.During your conference, you will need to provide a detailed plan for your feature story, including the type (see above), the thesis/nutgraf, the interviewee?s name, the target audience, the tone, the conventions of feature writing that you intend to include, the narrative for the intro (will you be running this throughout, only as an intro, started in the intro and finished in the conclusion), body paragraph details, etc?.All sources must be included in the final essay6 sources are requiredYou will be using the surprising reversal format for your thesis. Your feature must also have an illustration to accompany the story. You may have more than one. This may include a picture, drawing, graph, sidebarThe feature will be written in story format. This is the human-interest part of the story. You will begin with narration; then have your nutgraf paragraph that contains your thesis as the last sentence. The next 5-7 paragraphs will weave in your argument with the research and the narrative. Finally, you will conclude your feature story. In the conclusion, you can wrap up the narrative, give a call to action for your readers, make a final parting comment about the importance of the topic and your new take on it (this is your thesis).ΓΏ The conclusions of many feature stories have a combination of all the above. A work?s cited is also required.Create a Powerpoint presentation over your feature story.Presentation Requirements:1. Powerpoint the highlights the major arguments in your essay. This would include your nutgraf, body paragraph topics and major taling points, and conclusion. Though you will only be presenting the main points in your Powerpoint, you must provide explanations to give the listeners a solid grasp of your argument.2. You will begin by reading your introduction through your nutgraf.3. All illustrations must be included in your Powerpoint4. If you narrative is not “finished” in your introduction, include the outcome in your presentation.5. When presenting your information, try to include source information to give you more ethos.