I keep receiving these type of emails from studypool. There

I keep receiving these type of emails from studypool. There doesn’t appear to be any way to unsubscribe to these emails. I can certainly flag them as spam easy enough, but I do try to monitor my spam for incorrectly categorized messages. Also, I’d rather not cause studypool to be marked as spam for others. Note that on the attached image, gmail says ‘Many people marked similar messages as spam’.Now let’s be honest with ourselves, folks. Studypool isn’t stupid. They have a pretty nice site and a pretty nice service. They are smart enough to understand the importance of an unsubscribe button in emails they’re sending out. Unfortunately, someone (most likely managerial / marketing) made the decision that getting these emails in front of eyes is more important than the ethical implications of sending spam to people who never signed up and giving them no way to unsubscribe.So this is a plea to studypool: Go legit, stop these shady practices. Remove me (and anyone else who didn’t opt in) from your mailing list. Start fresh with a real mailing list of actual interested recipients, and conduct your email marketing in a reputable fashion, with unsubscribe links and maybe even double opt-in.P.S.If this question is deleted before I am contacted by studypool and notified that I’ve been removed from the email list, and that they are looking into the situation, I will be forced to view this as an act of war, and will proceed to spread this message as far and wide as possible.Why? Because it’s annoying as hell, and even shadier than what you’re already doing, to delete someone’s post because you don’t like their message. Do good. Be good. Be honest. Have integrity. You have a solid, valuable core offering. Why taint it with crap like this?