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I have sent a File of the answer I have recieved. It needs rewritten for NO Plagiarism!Week 10 Assignment: Case Management & Community Resources Activity DescriptionPlease read the vignette entitled ‘TheGonzales Family’ found at the bottom of this assignment. Conduct a needsassessment by completing the ‘Needs Assessment and Case Plan’ formfound in this week resources section. Based on this needs assessmentfind actual resources in your community and compile a list of resourcesthat you would provide this family. For each community resource, providea list with the following information:Name and type of resourceContact information (phone number, address, hours of operations, etc.)Contact procedure (i.e. walk-in clinic, must call to make anappointment, must have a referral from a mental health worker, etc.)Cost involvedAny additional information that would be helpful to the clientBriefly, (1 or 2 pages) describe what your experience was like finding these resources.Where did you find the information?How difficult or easy was it for you to locate the information and details you needed?Did you ask other clinicians?Did you use the Internet?Did find it necessary to call the service/agency to clarify how and when to access these services?How difficult do you think it would have been for a client to find this information on his or her own?CASE MANAGEMENT VIGNETTE- ‘THE GONZALES FAMILY’The Gonzales family is a Mexican-American family consisting of themother Maria age 36, step-father Henry age 46, the oldest daughter Maryage 16, the oldest son James age 13, a set of twins Sam and Jordon ages7, and a newborn son Henry Jr. age 10 months. The older children Mary,James, and the twins have a different father, who is currently in prisonfor armed robbery. Both Maria and Henry are unemployed, although Henryreported working almost full-time in manual labor jobs, until about 3months ago when he was seriously hurt at work. He stated it is painfulto walk for long periods at a time and his back always seemed to hurt.Henry is in the country illegally, which has made it difficult to seekfull-time employment other than manual labor jobs. They recentlyreceived an eviction notice from the landlord for the three-bedroomapartment they live in, due to three months of missed payments. Theyhave 30 days to be out of their apartment, or pay the back rent. Theparents report they have no medical insurance and currently live off ofMaria’s welfare check each month. However, they have had to sell aportion of their food stamps each month to have cash to pay the utilitybills. Maria reports having very little food left in the house, and itis only the 15th of the month. Maria reported struggling with depressionfor most of her life and at times turning to drugs when things ‘get toobad’. The family initially came into therapy because James was recentlysuspended from school due to bad behavior. Maria stated that James hasalways struggled in school and she is concerned he may have somelearning problems. Length: 1-2 pagesYour paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideasand concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughtsand insights relating directly to this topic. Your response shouldreflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button. Learning Outcomes 6.0 Illustrate the ability to conduct a Needs Assessment for case management.9.0 Examine the role of Case Management among other types of Psychosocial Assessment.