I have attached my capstone project below Capstone 1-6 . Ple

I have attached my capstone project below Capstone 1-6 . Please answer following questions must be no less than 250 words long please. Apa format. Capstone 6 wouldn’t attach but will attach after I post this question. Thanks.IntroductionThroughout the capstone, you explored many facets of criminal justice, including research, leadership, ethics, theory, conflict resolution, and professional communications. These explorations spanned the gamut of criminal justice agencies and encompassed a vast array of application based settings. As this phase of your academic journey nears its finish, in our final discussion focus will be on learning connections as we look back, and anticipated applications as we look ahead.In your main post:Identify the most important concepts, skills, or insights you gained from your learning throughout your Capella journey, based on Competencies 1–5.Explain how you will use those concepts, skills, or insights in your current or future career.Express how the capstone course has changed your perspectives in a criminal justice career context.