I do want you to consider these as you read and write about

I do want you to consider these as you read and write about the story Social Class, Race and Ethnicity, Gender Roles, Religion, Political Affiliation, the Crisis Impaired person, and Socio Economics. Which of these issues would fit with the thesis statement you selected?There are 3 thesis statements to choose from when your write your analysis of the issue in “A&P.”The completed essay should be about 2 ½ pages APROX 1000 WORDS long. In this analysis of an issue that is illustrated from ‘A&P’ there are three thesis statements provided and a fairly narrow focus here on the story. You do need to focus on the issue from the thesis you select as you write this essay. You do not need to use any other sources apart from the story as you analyze the issue.Format: Please use 12 point Times New Roman font. Your margins should be 1 inch on the sides as well as the top and bottom. Make sure to double-space. You need to complete your essays using Microsoft Word or some other word processing software. If you use a program other than word, save your documents at RTF files. If you are not sure about MLA essay format, make sure you look up in your writing handbook exactly what an MLA formatted essay looks like. Make sure you review the materials here carefully before you write your essay on issue from “A&P.” After you have completed all readings, you should be prepared to complete your first essay.Thesis statement choice # 3. Teenage men often view and judge others harshly and are demeaning as they look around them, but in reality they possess a warped perception of everyone around them as being followers and broken when in reality they no more independent and flawless as those they are so quick to judge.You have to use quotes to support your analysis and you have to interpret and explain how the quotes support your analysis. It is not sufficient to just include the quotes. You have to analyze the quotes effectively and tie this analysis back to the thesis. Don’t focus exclusively on the story as you take the thesis you selected and then discuss and explain it. If you go back and look at the three thesis statements right now, you will see that each of them describes a situation that exists outside of the story and exists in the real World. This is an important concept to follow because as you discuss and explore because you don’t want to just explain the issue as it appears in the story, but instead use the story to illustrate how the issue is one that exists in the real World and has validity as in issue to explore. You are not writing literary analysis but rather writing about life analysis and using a piece of literature (also known as a text) to help explore and explain this issue.Do not mention the story, author, title, or any characters whatsoever in the introduction or in any topic sentences. In fact, do not mention any reference to the story at all in the first two sentences of any body paragraph. Pay attention to format and MLA parenthetical citation and documentation. Review the sample essays. Pay attention to the format instructions in Course Info. Include a Work Cited Page. Make sure you are following MLA formatting. Do not retell the story. Give detailed attention to the thesis statement you choose and ensure your discussion revolves around supporting and exemplifying that thesis. Do not begin paragraphs or sentences with quotes.]i will provide essay example!!