I attached the instruction of this assignment. Also, I attac

I attached the instruction of this assignment. Also, I attached the 2 version that I had little bit started please take a look and you can combine and add them if needed. Also, resources for this assignment I included. Thanks Resources:This article explains the important factors, referred to as inputs, in the transfer of learning. The three inputs — trainee characteristics, training design, and work environment — align with the three areas covered last week in the TNA (Training Needs Analysis) discussion — the person, the job or task, and the organization.Grossman, R., & Salas, E. (2011). The transfer of training: What really matters. International Journal of Training and Development, 15(2), 103-120.http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF3280/v14/pensumliste/additionalliterature/grossmansalas2011transfertraining.pdfFor a good source of information on what trainers, trainees, their managers, and their peers can do before, during, and after training to enhance transfer of learning, please visit this interactive site and click on each cell in the transfer of learning matrix.Intrahealth.org. (n. d.). The transfer of learning matrix. Retrieved fromhttp://www.intrahealth.org/tol/index.html