HUM 115 University of Phoenix

Reviewÿthe piece of art you were assigned by your instructor inÿArtists and Works from the NGA website resource.ÿTHIS IS THE LINK TO THE PIECE OF ART; Write a 400- to 500-word reflection that includes responses to each of the following questions:What piece of art did your instructor assign to you?What were your perceptions of the art? For example, what did you like and dislike, and what did you feel?How does your perception of the art relate to the way you think about the world?In what ways do you think other people perceive the art you were assigned?Consider the role of diversity in helping you to understand the points of view you identified in the last question. How does considering others’ perspectives help you in understanding other’s points of view?Create an APA-formatted title page for your reflection using the template provided and format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.