hi i need with good explanation no plagiarism and in this my

hi i need with good explanation no plagiarism and in this my part is number 3 (flow chart of portfolio process) my name is anusha mundrathi which you have to do option 3, we are five people in this group which i have to do option 3 subject name is advanced program management and i need references too i just you a sample file i uploaded which i seen in internet but in that its not too much matter in that file Gap Inc. Portfolio Management 1) Strategic Plan- Whitney AlcanterSample detailSample detailSample detail 2) Strategic Capacity Plan- Andrea HernadezSample detailSample detailSample detail3) Flow Chart of Portfolio Process- Anusha MundrathiSample detailSample detailSample detail4) utline of Project Selection Criteria- Antioch NickersonSample detailSample detailSample detail5) Program Management Plan- Elsbeth Lokey (Caitlin Hengeveld)Sample detailSample detailSample detailPlan to identify and resolve possible areas/sources of conflict related to cost, schedule, or quality.- Antioch NickersonChange management plan- Caitlin Hengeveldmanage organizational and cultural change and conflict that may occur due to project/program/portfolio implementationto control changes within your portfolio, program, and projects.Resource utilization plan- Andrea HernandezAnalyze and plan resource utilization to achieve maximum/optimal capacity utilization.