here is what I need and here is the name of the textbook Ste

here is what I need and here is the name of the textbook Steinberg,L.(2016). Adolescence (11thed). Boston: McGraw-­‐Hill.(ISBN:978-­‐1259567827). You will apply the theory and research of this class to compare your experience of adolescence with someone you perceive of as having a different experience. Perceived differences may come from different generations, gender identities, sexual identities, racial/ethnic backgrounds, geographic locations, or access to resources. There are two parts to this assignment. In the first part, you will have a conversation with this person about their experience of adolescence. You should come prepared with questions that you want to ask. These should be included. For the second part of the assignment, you will critically compare and contrast the experiences of adolescence. Specifically: Section 1- Discuss who you talked with and why you perceived their experiences of adolescence to possibly be different. Support your discussion with material learned from this class. Section 2- Reflect on similarities in the experience of adolescence. Make sure to include the theory and research about normative adolescent development. Section 3- Reflect on differences in the experience of adolescence. Think about how contexts (i.e., peers, families, neighborhoods, schools, work, leisure) influence adolescent development. Section 4- Describe how this experience has changed either your view of your own adolescence or that of the person you interviewed.Citations To get full credit you must include 5 different citation sources. One can be lectureLindstrom Johnson, S. (Date of lecture). Title of lecture [powerpoint slides].One can be the textbookOne can be the person you interviewedLast name, Initial. (Year, Month). Personal interview.The following two should be from reputable sources (i.e., not Wikipedia)