Henry Ford Legacy Essay

For this assignment,ÿyou will assess the legacy of Henry Ford and his cultural, political and economicÿimpact on the United States.ÿÿAfter you watch the completeÿPBSÿ”American Experience”ÿprogram about Ford,ÿcompose aÿ4-6ÿpage essay in which you will discuss how his work was an integral part of the development of the United States during the first half of the 20th century.ÿÿThis essay is due on Friday,ÿApril 28,ÿatÿ11:59ÿPMÿand is worthÿ15%ÿof your overall class grade.ÿÿLate submissions of this assignment will be accepted for one week only after the due date,ÿand a one-grade deduction will be added.ÿÿPlease submit your essay in any of these formats:ÿWord,ÿPages or PDF.