Help with psychology assignment This extra credit option inv

Help with psychology assignment This extra credit option involves listening to the podcast episode and writing a 2-3-page paper relating the podcast to information covered in the course (lecture and textbook). You do not need to summarize the podcast; rather, you should discuss how the material in the podcast compares to, relates with, contrasts with what we learned in class. It is encouraged that you connect the podcast and course material to your own experiences. *A sample of a podcast paper assignment is available on D2L.* Each paper must be between 2 and 3 pages in length with double-spaced Times New Roman font (size 12) and 1-inch margins. Each paper is worth 2 extra credit points (5 papers maximum) and must be uploaded to the designated D2L drop box prior to due dates. Late submissions will not be awarded points. There are 12 podcast options assigned to various chapters and lectures. You may complete 5 podcast papers for extra credit. Podcast papers are due one week after we cover the chapter to which the podcast relates. Again, late submissions will not be accepted. Below is a list of podcasts, the chapter to which it relates, and due date. Podcasts can be listened to on a computer or smart phone. On iPhones, the podcasts can be downloaded for free on your device in the Podcast app. On Android devices, you may use PRX or Stitcher. Some podcasts have transcripts available if listening is not an option for you, and links to transcripts have been pasted below as well. However, if possible, it is recommended that you listen to the podcasts for the full experience. Do NOT copy any portion of the Podcast into your paper. All submissions must be your original work. Chapter 8: Memory How Dementia Works by Stuff You Should Know… (transcript N/A)