Hello, please see the below:Download and read HRManagementâ€

Hello, please see the below:Download and read HRManagement’s: The Human Resource Management Simulation [Student Guide] .Five-Star Hotel Selection and Analysis.Select a particular five-star hotel at a particular U.S. location that is specifically identified with one of the publicly-traded hospitality corporations listed below (For example, The Ritz-Carlton, New York, Central Park within the publicly-traded hospitality corporation of Marriott International):Starwood Hotels and Resorts (Sticker: HOT)Hyatt Hotels (Sticker: H)Marriott International (Sticker: MAR)Wyndham Worldwide (Sticker: WYN)Intercontinental Group (Sticker: IHG)Morgans Hotel Group (Sticker: MHGC)Research your selected hospitality corporation to obtain an understanding of the company, its financial outlook, environmental factors impacting the hotel, and the entity’s strategic aims over the next few years. Four of the best sources for obtaining the analytical data include:The hospitality corporation’s most recent 10-k (annual report) obtained from the Securities and Exchange Commission via http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.htmlThe corporate website as well as your specific five-star hotel’s website.Recent public relations and/or news stories (e.g., “Wall Street Journal” or other popular publication).Visit the Business Resources of our Off Campus Library Services: (OCLS): http://www.indwes.edu/oclsThen Click on: More, under OCLS ToolsThen Click on: Business ResourcesBecome familiar with the Research Guides there that may assist your business research in general, and in this course in particular.Draft a one-page introduction/analysis of the selected hotel using single line spacing for paragraphs and double line spacing between paragraphs and having the following format:Overview of the Five-Star HotelFinancial OutlookInternal and External Environmental Factors Impacting the Hotel IndustryCorporate Strategic Aims of the Five-Star HotelSimulation Practice. Access and practice working with the HRManagement simulation via the Interpretive Simulation – HR Management button in the Course Menu.When initially accessing the simulation, you will be prompted to set up a user name. Before setting up that user name, first identify the five-star hotel that will serve as your company throughout your completion of the simulation activities (see instructions for selection below). The hotel will become part of the naming convention used to set up your user name in the HR simulation program.Once you have selected a five-star hotel, use the following naming convention: student name (first initial, second initial, last name—no spaces). Name of Five-Star Hotel. An example would be as follows: DLPhilpott_Ritz-Carlton NYImportant Note: Complete at least one full practice quarter by the end of Workshop One. However, you are encouraged to complete an additional 2-3 practice quarters before the start of Workshop Two in order to facilitate your simulation analysis activities and decision making. On the first day of Workshop Two, all practices will be wiped away and the simulation will be set to “restart” for official start of the software activities, beginning with the first two quarters of the actual first year for the selected organization.WS1 Simulation Quiz. Complete the 10-question quiz to assess your understanding of the introductory case study information. Access the WS1 Simulation Quiz from within the HRManagement simulation.The quiz is based on the required simulation case reading for Workshop One.It will consist of 10 questions worth 1 point each.The questions will be comprised of true/false and multiple choice.This quiz will only be open for access during this Workshop One.This quiz must be completed individually.You may use the HRM Simulation student guide as a resource for taking the quiz.Only one quiz attempt is available.Goals and Strategies. Download and complete the HRManagement simulation Goals and Strategies worksheet.Develop the human resource goals, measures, and strategies to be achieved by the end of the one year-period in Workshop Three and end of the two-year period in Workshop Five for your selected five-star hotel, with inclusion of the company performance pro-forma report.Insert as part of your planning report, a copy-and-paste format of the “Company Performance Report” table shown below. The report has already been populated with the performance report measures shown at the start of the simulation for Quarter -0-. You are to determine the performance benchmark measures to be achieved by the end of the first year (Workshop Three) and also by the end of the second year (Workshop Five).Beginning of the HRManagement Simulation Conditions – Quarter ZeroCompany Performance Report CompanyYear 1 GoalsYear 2 GoalsEmployee Benefits20.0%0.0%0.0%Females12.7%0.0%0.0%Minorities7.8%0.0%0.0%Absenteeism (days)49800Turnover9.8%0.0%0.0%Morale5000Grievances3100Accident Rate49400Productivity per Employee20000Quality5000Labor Cost per Unit$59.10$00.00$00.00Compile the Dropbox assignment to include the following:Title Page (APA format)One-Page Five-Star Hotel Selection and AnalysisOne-Page Goals and Strategies worksheetReferences (APA format)