Health Care Research_for KIM WOODS ONLY

Health Care Research

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research the two major study designs–cohort and case-control–used in health care research. Find a research article on any topic in health care.

Based on your research, please express your views on the following:Which study design has been used for research?What is your learning from the chosen article and its study design?Is the design selected for the research, best for this particular study? Why or why not?

In addition to the above, your response should also include answers to the following questions:Although cohort studies are very powerful, case-control studies tend to be more popular. Do you agree with the statement? Why or why not?How does the cohort study design differ from the case-control study design?What is essentially the main use or purpose of the cohort study design and case-control study design?When it is best to use the cohort study design and when is it best to use the case-control study design?What characteristics of cohort study design make it important in health care research?Cohort studies can be retrospective or prospective. What makes a cohort study retrospective or prospective?3-4 pages