Health assessment and History

This assignment is on health assessment and history. You will participate in client evaluation and write a reflection paper on the process.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Reflection

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Required criteria
1. Reflect on your interaction with the interviewee holistically.
a) Describe the interaction in its entirety: include the environment, your approach to the individual, time of day, and other features relevant to therapeutic communication and to the interview process.
2. How did your interaction compare to what you have learned?
3. What barriers to communication did you experience?
a) How did you overcome them?
b) What will you do to overcome them in the future?
4. What went well with this assignment?
5. Were there unanticipated challenges during this assignment?
6. Was there information you wished you had available but did not?
7. How will you alter your approach next time?

Your reflection must be in proper APA format and cite any sources you use appropriately. You must demonstrate that health assessment and history are important in nursing practice. They help improve the quality of care given to a patient. Also, you must also demonstrate how you will improve your approach to patient assessment and care in your future practice.