HCA312 Health Care Finance-Senate Versus House

Senate VS HouseListen or review the slides on Health Insurance Exchangesÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..ÿ In general, what is the main difference in opinion of the House and the Senate? Whose viewpoint do you agree with? How do these viewpoints impact financial challenges facing health care leaders?ÿ Discuss the reasoning of your response and support your response with at least one scholarly source. Cite and reference your source in APA format.ÿThe slides are from the following source:The Commonwealth Fund. (n.d).ÿHealth insurance exchanges: House or senate style?ÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ÿRetrieved from http://www.commonwealthfund.org/usr_doc/site_docs/webcast/Articulate/Briefing_On_Insurance_Exchange/player.htmlThe presentation walks students through the Senate and House Reform Bills and examples of Health Insurance Exchanges.Previous Previous: Week 1 – Overview Next