Hans Eysenck came up with three basic source traits: Introve

Hans Eysenck came up with three basic source traits: Introversion-Extroversion, Neuroticism-Emotional stability, High-Low Psychoticism. The Five Factor Model (Big 5) proposes that there are five fundamental personality dimensions: Neuroticism, Extroversion, Openness to experience, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.Below is a link to an online personality test based on the Five-factor model. Take this test, and tell us what you think about the accuracy of your results, and/or validity of the test questions (you don’t have to share any details of your actual results unless you want to, just give a general statement/opinion about how well you think the results reflected your personality, and what your opinion is about tests like this).In your post, address these questions:Do you believe that the trait theories such as the Five Factor model do a good job explaining the differences between people in their personality characteristics?Can you recognize yourself and other people in these dimensions (for example, do you think you can characterize most people you know in terms of the introversion-extroversion dimension)?Are the 5 factors proposed by the Five Factor model sufficient, or do you think there are additional independent source traits that the model does not include?YOUR DISCUSSION POST ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS IS WORTH 10 POINTS AND DUE SAT MARCH 11TH MIDNIGHT. YOU ALSO NEED TO RESPOND TO ANOTHER STUDENT’S POST (FOR 5 POINTS) BY MON MARCH 13TH MIDNIGHT.PERSONALITY TEST (链接到外部网站。)Instructions for the test: You need to first click the two checkboxes on the first page, then click Send, and then select a nickname (fake name), sex, age and country. Next answer all of the statements (60 on first page, 60 on the second page) by clicking the appropriate circle. Once you have completed the test, you will get a report. Some parts of the report will be specific to you (the graphs with the stars, as well as the statements saying whether you are low, average, or high on each trait), and others will be general explanations of the traits that are being reported.