Greece and Rome Architectural Influences Response to the fol

Greece and Rome Architectural Influences Response to the following posting: Several of you have turned in a fine bit of detective work on the marble question and turned up some truly interesting information. Well done! Class, there is more to be found regarding the source of the marble for the buildings in our nation’s capital. 1-What else can you dig up? Also, here’s a follow-up materials question: 2-Why are the typical materials employed in Greco-Roman architecture significant to the overall aesthetic appeal and effectiveness of Greco-Roman structures? (I am not interested in a response focused on engineering; rather, I’d like you to consider the overall aesthetic goals of the architects and how successful they were in achieving these goals.) Also, consider that modern architecture employs many simulated materials (faux-marble and the like). 3-Do buildings constructed of these simulated materials suffer at all in their overall aesthetic because of this choice? Requirements: Answer: minimum three full paragraph; citations and references as needed. (Answer each of the questions above on each paragraph) Note: For every sentence of quoted, paraphrased, or summarized material, you should provide at least 4 sentences of your own. Provide the class and your instructor your reasons why this material is important. Under no circumstances should you simply copy and paste paragraphs from a website without any orienting material from you. Quality points for your post will decrease in keeping with the amount of the copy/paste information compared to your own explanation of its value.