GoalYour task is to write a brief or deliver an oral argumen

GoalYour task is to write a brief or deliver an oral argument in an appeals case.RoleYou are an attorney representing a juvenile who has been found delinquent by the juvenile court. You are preparing to file an appeal in this case.AudienceYou need to convince a three judge panel of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania that your client’s due process rights were violated by the police officer and the juvenile court judge.SituationYour client, Missy Behaving (MB in court documents), was questioned by police at school regarding some rumors related to a recent arson of an abandoned building in her neighborhood. She was called to the principal’s office and was then escorted to a conference room where there was a police officer waiting. The principal, the Dean of Students, and the police officer instructed MB to take a seat in the room and closed the conference room door. There was small talk and then conversation moved to what MB did the weekend of the arson incident.  At no time was MB’s mother notified that she was being questioned. She was not given a Miranda Warning at this point. After about 25 minutes, the principal told MB that she should ‘do the right thing’ by being honest about her involvement. The officer remarked that he hoped that the Court would not put her in juvenile detention as a result of her not cooperating.  Upon hearing this, she admitted to setting the fire and apologized. At this point, she was given the Miranda Warnings but still her mother was not contacted. She continued to answer police questions and then was sent home on the school bus at the end of the day. A juvenile petition was filed and she was adjudicated delinquent in a quick hearing in which she was also not allowed to cross-examine the state’s witnesses.You have filed an appeal and are preparing for oral arguments in this case. You will cite at leasttwo precedentsand identify in your argument which amendments were violated in this case. You will also anticipate the judges’ possible questions and prepare responses.ProductYou will create either a five paragraph brief or an audio presentation of three to five minutes. Your argument should have a strong introduction and conclusion. In the body of the argument, you will identify the amendments violated in this case and the Supreme Court precedents that bolster your argument. You may also address questions that would likely arise and your responses.Standards and Criteria for SuccessA successful project will identify the amendments and precedents violated in this case. There will be an effective argument made that connects the facts of the case to the violations of law.