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fre_sh2015-04-29 10:31Please  answer in paragraph the following questions. ( about 140 words per question, APA format, with minimum 2 references per question)A- Creating and Implementing a Cloud Computing PolicyIf the organization you selected( IRS Internal Revenue Service) for this class has a cloud computing policy, explain the policy (in detail) and discuss if you feel the policy is supportable from a technology, people, resource (money), and other (you choose) perspective.If the organization you selected for this class does not have a cloud computing policy, develop a 10-step plan to present to the CIO for how to go about creating and implementing a cloud computing policy.B- Early Cloud Adopters in Federal GovernmentDespite slow adoption government-wide, five agencies have paved the way for others implementing cloud computing.- The five agencies are GSA, The Department of Interior (DOI), The Department of Agriculture (USDA), NASA, and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 1. Select one of the five agencies listed above and research their implementation of cloud computing.2. Describe, in detail, how the agency uses the cloud. Be specific. Topics to consider (list is not inclusive) in your response might be FedRAMP, Authorities to Operate, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and security controls.3. Include a link(s) to the agency cloud computing policies/other.4. Make sure you use appropriate sources for your response.  Start a New Thread