For this assignment you need to provide feedback to the foll

For this assignment you need to provide feedback to the followingPlease respond with 200 words 12 font time roman .I think it is very important to understand all the types of information given to you in college. It is all for you to know and remember in college because its for you and your future. We use summary and response at the college level it could be good for essays. By having a topic like biology and having to write about the different cells braking down and learning about the cells is alot to take in so you have to break it in as much as possible. Also, when working it is important to know your topic and know what you are doing. Say you were a doctor and figuring out something wrong with someone, you know what its called but you have to explain it to them. It would be hard to say it in ‘doctor’ talk so, you have to explain all the main points ands and key things ones they would understand. You would just have to separate the topics like your leg to you arm to your head. I know when I go to the doctors they always tell me something i do not know or understand. thats when i start asking questions. Then they start to explain it better or dumb it down for me.