For this assignment, select one specific strategic business

For this assignment, select one specific strategic business unit (SBU) of General Electric (GE) Note: For this assignment, you will have more flexibility for organizing your paper, although the key ingredients remain the same: Introduction. Theory (a brief description of what theories will be applied to the case study SBU: The theories are: Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Alliances, Acquisitions , Mergers, and Balanced scorecard. No compare and contrast section needed Case Study Application (this will be the heart of your paper. Be specific, cover the readings, and demonstrate the level of application). Conclusion. Using the SBU you have selected, complete the following: Analyze the overall competitive environment, including market conditions. Analyze the organization’s primary business model. Evaluate the organization’s competencies and resources. Evaluate the leveraging of growth strategies and resources through partnerships and alliances. Identify future opportunities for innovation (disruptive, value, Blue Ocean, and/or fast second) based on past success and failures. Assess the organization’s ability to effectively execute its growth strategies. Show how the strategies compare, based on past results, with the 10 components of the strategy execution model referred by Thompson et al. in Chapter 10 of your text. Analyze the organization’s corporate culture and leadership and how they are evidenced in this organization. Develop a strategy map (balanced scorecard). Requirements In addition, your submitted assignment must meet the following requirements: Length: Minimum of 3,000 words. Format: Follow current APA guidelines for style and formatting; include a cover page and appropriate headings. References: Minimum of nine (9) PRJs and PJs and other references in addition to the assigned readings; you must include one new reference on theory and seven references on your case study organization. Reminder: Be sure you clearly articulate your analyses and support your case study with information from multiple sources. THE TURNITIN SCORE HAS TO BE LESS THAN 5%. I will check it before I pay. Thanks.