For this assignment, read chapter 4 and research more on the

For this assignment, read chapter 4 and research more on the firstthree stages of thejob-seeking process: exploring, researching and applying. Then,complete the following:1. Go to Google,, or other job searching websites, putinto search the keywords that are closely related to jobs that both interest youand match your knowledge and skills. Pick ONE that you desire most. Then,copy the position title, job summary/responsibilities and requiredqualifications to your final document. Also include website link tothe position. For example, I am interested in jobs where I can teachand do research on Human ResourceDevelopment. So, I went to, and search open positions usingkeywords: Assistant Professor and “Human Resource Development”. It broughtup this positionAD: Refer to samples of resumes and cover letters on Page 85-88.3. Create a resume that includes your contact information, education,objectives, skills and working experience.4. Create a one-page cover letter that accompanies the resume, whichincludes: the job seeker’s interest in a specific position, overviewof qualifications relevant to that position & an interest in theinterview.Your resume and cover letter should:1. Include all essential elements that are mentioned above.2. Focus on your target job’s interests and requirements in both yourresume and your cover letter. What does the job ask for? And, how fityour knowledge and skills are to the position? What can you contributemore to the organization?3. Be clear, concise and to the point. Delete unnecessary informationeven if youthink the information may better represent you. Only keep theinformation that is closely related to the job opening.4. Be free from typos, grammatical and syntax errors.Font & size: Times New Roman, 12, & double-space.