For this assignment, develop a personal narrative. Please us

For this assignment, develop a personal narrative. Please use 12 font times roman,citations and references 3 pages not including tile and reference page. .In this narrative, articulate both what you already know about yourself and your accomplishments, where you intend to go, and the challenges that you anticipate. Please note I plan to work in educational leadership .Some questions to consider as you construct your narrative include the following:Have you experienced a shift in thinking from the beginning of this course to the present?How have your goals changed or expanded?How can your understanding of the interplay between the theory, research, and practice in education guide you as you strive to bring about change in your present and future professional settings?What are your perceptions of the educational profession and how will this profession work for you?How does your personal philosophy of ethics affect the way you move forward with your goals?What are your thoughts and feelings about taking a purposeful approach to personal growth through your ongoing coursework?What additional thoughts and feelings do you have about moving forward with doctoral training in education?Next, discuss three skills that you have just learned and three areas that need improvement. Some skills that you have practiced are listed below: Develop a time management plan.Understand and apply the Academic Integrity Policy.Apply APA style.Create an annotated bibliography.Read and analyze complex texts.Perform an online library search.Formulate actionable goals and visualize overall goals.Length: 3 pages not including cover,and reference.