For this activity, topics should address contentcovered in C

For this activity, topics should address contentcovered in Chapters 9-15 in the textbook. -It is expected that, ata minimum, you are reading the assigned textbook chapters.-You are encouraged toread collateral historical writings on topics covered in the textbook.This activity will consist of 7 separate journalentries; you will have a total of 15 entries by the end of the course.Each separate entry should: -contain a minimum of 150words.-consist of a summary,paraphrase, and synthesis of material you are reading/studying in this course.-be written in your own words – do not quote the work of othersverbatim.-discuss the subjectmatter that you are studying – do not simply agree/disagree.-provide ample examples from the textbook.Your study involves, first and foremost,learning the nation’s past; doing so requires a review of previously publishedstudies, so you are encouraged to conduct research using outside resources, butbe sure to draft your journal entries in your own words. -Direct quotations shouldnot be used; citations are not necessary.-Do not copy/pasteinformation from any source.-No citations